• New Projects

    New Projects

    Summer at Devil’s Head Resort means scenic hikes, adventurous mountain biking and exquisite golf. Escape to Devil’s Head Resort for the perfect Wisconsin golf getaway where the current conditions are green, lush, warm, and perfect for golf. In addition to having two championship 18-hole golf courses, Devil’s Head offers full resort amenities and 20,000 square…

  • Lodging Upgrades

    Lodging Upgrades

    For the second consecutive summer we’ve got hotel upgrades coming your way! This year wedid a facelift on the Inn Suits. This means new carpet, new furniture and new light fixtures. Wealso swapped out the old lobby furniture for newer, more comfortable and stylish furniture. In theLodge, we got rid of the old block construction…

  • What’s up on the ski hill this summer?

    What’s up on the ski hill this summer?

    Think our ski hill guys take the summers off? Think again! We are adding more firepower to oursnowmaking system for the second consecutive season! Cyclops is getting upgraded from a 4”to a 6” water line. In addition to the upgraded water line we are replacing all of the old SMI 320’son the line to a…

  • Golf is in full swing

    Golf is in full swing

    We are in full swing on both The Prairie and The Glacier. New to the golf courses this summerare three Jacobsen Eclipse Greens Mowers. These new greens mowers will give us moreconsistent cuts on the greens which will allow for not only a better putting surface but moreregrowth which will lead to healthier, fuller greens.…

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