Terrain Park

New Terrain Park Run

Some pretty big changes went down for the Devil’s Head Terrain Park. We moved our Terrain Park run over to Sidewinder. This run offers wider and more consistent terrain so we will be able to set more features. The top of the run is equipped with a park deck to kick back with friends. The bottom of the run got widened 40 ft which will allow us to do some unique builds at the park exit.

Along with the new park run, we will be introducing a handful of new park features made from recycled lift tower tubes.

Remember to follow the Terrain Park rules at all times:

  1. Is This For You? Know Your Limits
  2. Look Before Your Leap.
  3. Riders Ahead Of You Have The Right-Of-Way
  4. Make Sure You Can Land Safely
  5. Be Polite
  6. No Inverted Aerials (You Can’t Go Upside Down)
  7. Get Out Of The Way – If You Fall, Make Sure You Get Out Of The Way As Soon As Possible, Or Alert Someone To Block The Feature.

Just getting into riding park?

Our mini park offers a variety of smaller features that are perfect to progress at your own pace. Located on Dante’s Cutoff it is mellow enough to hike for a session or hot lap with your friends!