As we are currently open for golf. We plan on opening the resort May 28th.

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CoVID-19 Guidlines

The health and safety of everyone visiting Devil’s Head Resort is our top priority. Below are some of the precaution measures that guests can expect when we re-open:

Resort-wide Protocols

We ask that guests respect the social distancing of 6 ft between guests and employees.

Sanitization stations will be added to high traffic areas around the resort.

Reinforcing proper hygiene signage will be posted throughout the resort.

We will be requiring all common-area cleaning staff to wear gloves and masks.

We will be frequently deep cleaning the common areas, handles, faucets, trash receptacles, elevators, buttons, luggage carts, and counters.

Check-in and Guest Services

All touch point areas including credit card machines and hotel desk areas will be sanitized after each guest transaction.

All key cards will be sanitized prior to being presented.

Guests will be staggered at check-in and asked to respect social distancing of 6 ft between each guest.

Sneeze guards will be added to the Hotel Front Desk.

Guest Rooms, Suites and Condos

Prior to a guest’s check-in, we will be disinfecting and sanitizing all guest rooms, suites and condos.

During a guest stay, we will NOT be allowing our housekeepers into your room for traditional stayover service. If you need anything throughout your stay, please contact our Guest Service Associates at extension 0.

If you need your towels replenished or sheets changed during your stay, rooms will have large plastic laundry bags to exchange items outside of the door.

High touch items have been removed including: coffee makers, informational packets, ice buckets and pens.

We will be requiring our housekeeping staff to wear gloves and masks.

Food and Beverage Operations

Restaurant occupancy will be dictated by local governance.

Guests seating will be spaced throughout the dining room to provide the 6 ft social distancing standard and given outdoor seating opportunities with the same.

Pens and check presenters will be sanitized after each use.

Single condiments will be utilized whenever possible.

Single use paper menus will be provided at each sit-down restaurant.

We will be requiring our Chef’s to be SERV Safe certified so they fully understand safe-food preparation and handling.

We will be frequently disinfecting and sanitizing all tables and chairs.

All kitchen staff will be wearing gloves and masks and to wash their hands often when changing gloves.

Devil’s Head Resort will be making it a priority to exceed the state guidelines for all food preparations and food handling.

Golf Courses and Starter Building

Only groups of 4 (foursomes) or less are allowed to per each tee time .

Bunker rakes, coolers, benches, ball washers, picnic tables, and other commonly touched items will be removed.

All staffers are required to clean workstations with disinfectant throughout the day.

All golf carts will be disinfected after each use.

Please make tee times in advance.

Please show up NO MORE than 20 minutes before your tee time.

Flag sticks will remain in and cups will be raised with a cutoff noodle.

Please do not remove the flag stick.

Fresh air and exercise are good for you!