Snow Report

Last Updated: 2/20/2017
Today’s Weather Forecast: Cloudy / precip p.m. / Hi 59/ Low 43
Snow Base: variable up to 43″
Snow Conditions: Groomed / Spring skiing conditions
Snowmaking in the past 24 hours: No

Natural Snow in the past 7 days: 0″
New Snow past 24 hrs: 0″

During periods of warm weather, Spring Skiing Conditions* will exist.  Snow conditions can be wide ranging from groomed frozen granular in the morning to wet/slow in the afternoon then becoming loose granular/icy as temps drop back down after sunset.  Thin / Icy / Wet areas will exist on the slopes as you might expect with very warm temps during these “spring skiing” periods.

Lift Status

Lift Status Lift Status
Sunkid Sunkid (Short) OPEN Sunkid Sunkid (Long) AVAIL
3 0 OPEN 2 00 AVAIL
4 000** CLOSED 4 1 Quicksilver Express OPEN
4 3 Glacial Express OPEN 4 4 AVAIL
4 4 ¼** CLOSED

Slope Status

Slope Status Slope Status
 green Pete’s Dragon OPEN  green Pete’s Dragon II CLOSED
 green Devil’s Playground OPEN  black Devil’s Alley OPEN
 green Cirque ** CLOSED  green The Burns ** CLOSED
 green The Meadows ** CLOSED  green Snowshoe / XC Trail ** CLOSED
 blue Dante’s Inferno OPEN  blue Chicken Ridge OPEN
 blue Cauldron’s Cutoff OPEN  blue The Cauldron OPEN
orange Dante’s Cutoff OPEN
 orange Devil’s Air Park OPEN
orange Sidewinder OPEN
 black Cyclops OPEN
black Lower Cyclops OPEN  black Cyclop’s Chute OPEN
black The Serpent’s Mogul OPEN  black Lower Serpent OPEN
black The Zone CLOSED  black The Serpent OPEN
black Revenge OPEN  black Serpent’s Escape OPEN
black Lower Revenge CLOSED  black Way Back ** OPEN
black Way Over ** OPEN  black Roundabout ** CLOSED
black The Glade ** CLOSED  black The Outer Limits ** CLOSED
KEY (definitions):

OPEN = Lift / Slope is available and scheduled to be open today.

SG = Lift or Slope closed at this time due to Snowmaking and or Grooming operations.

AVAIL = Lift / Slope is Available as needed.

RACE = Lift/Slope is open only for participants of a scheduled ski Racing Event.

Closed/build = Closed for feature maintenance, jump construction, or Park rebuilding.

Note: Please Be Aware that snow conditions, lift and slope status, and weather conditions will vary and can change at any time. Thin / Icy / Wet areas may exist on slopes at any time. Base depth is variable and estimated.

Lifts and Slopes marked with ** close by 4:30pm daily – they are not lit for night skiing.

Always Ski & Ride In Control!

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